The date for the 2023 event is Sunday the 14th May.


    This website will be updated shortly with full details.




  • News for 2022


    I big thank you to all those who took part in the event - that's 304 of you!


    We estimate that you raised £27,000 for your charities this year, making a total of over £946,000.


    Several charities received a donation from the club as they had 10 or more adult supporters taking part. The presentations took place on June 20th.


    A big thank you also to all those who helped in the running of the event.


    See our FaceBook page /NidderdaleWalk.

  • Nidderdale Charity Walk & Run

    Sunday 8th May 2022

    2022 will be the 28th anniversary of the highly successful and popular Nidderdale charity event organised by the Rotary Club of Harrogate. Again, Pateley Bridge is our starting point with the routes taking participants into upper Nidderdale.


    The sole purpose of this Rotary event is to provide you with well organised, way marked walks with checkpoints along the way to enable you to raise money for your own charities. We do the preparation….you raise sponsorship and walk (or run)!


    To date, over £920,000 has been raised by participants, which is an amazing achievement. The entry fees paid will be used to cover our costs and the excess will go to local charities supported by the Rotary Club of Harrogate.


    There will be five routes - of approximately four, eight, fifteen, twenty two and twenty six miles. The routes all start from Pateley Bridge Scout Hall and head up Nidderdale towards, and for many beyond, Lofthouse.


    Registration to take part in the event can be made on line with payment via debit / credit card or via PayPal.


    The event will be open to runners and walkers who may complete whichever length route they wish. Numbers are not limited. Further information and a registration form can be found below.


    We wish to thank our patrons for their support and, of course, would welcome further patrons for this excellent and established event. (If you are interested in being a patron, please contact us using the contact form below.)

  • Supporting Local Charities

    These local charities will be encouraging their supporters to enter the event.

    Those that have 10 or more adult supporters in the event will receive an extra donation from us.


    Click the pic to visit their website for more information.

  • The Routes for 2022

    There are 5 Routes - choose which is best for you. All routes will be fully signposted.

    4 Mile Route


    This route is ideal for family walkers (but not for pushchairs). The route goes up the Nidderdale valley and around the hamlet of Wath.

    From the Pateley Bridge Scout Hall, the route follows the Nidderdale Way and in two miles the hamlet of Wath is passed. Shortly after passing the dam, you walk up a slope to join a bridleway. Turn right onto this bridleway (east) which leads slightly uphill and back down through Wath to the bridge, passing the hotel on the way. Immediately before the bridge, turn left on to the Nidderdale way and follow it back into Pateley Bridge.

    Please note dogs are not allowed on the Route.

    8 Mile Route


    This route follows the 4 mile route but continues along the valley as far as Bouthwaite & Ramsgill. There will be a checkpoint with drinks and biscuits at Bouthwaite.

    Please note that dogs are not allowed on this walk.

    15 Mile Route

    Ramsgill and Lofthouse

    If you want a medium distance route then this is the route for you.

    From Pateley Bridge, the route takes the same path as the 4 and 8 mile routes via Wath and Gouthwaite reservoir to the village of Bouthwaite. Turn left to Ramsgill. Cross the river and follow the Nidderdale Way to Lofthouse where there will be a checkpoint at the Village Hall. There will be drinks and biscuits here. Return on the east side of the river through Wath as per the 4 mile route to the finish at Pateley Bridge.

    Please note dogs are not allowed on the Route.

    22 and 26 Mile Routes

    Scar House Reservoir

    If you want a long distance, challenging route then these are the routes for you.

    From Pateley Bridge, the walk takes the same path as the 15 mile walk via Wath, Bouthwaite, Ramsgill and Lofthouse where there will be a checkpoint at the Village Hall. There will be drinks and biscuits here. From the checkpoint, walk up the hill out of the village and turn left following the clearly marked path and walk on the right side of the valley up past Thwaite House and Summerstone Lodge. Continue to the Scar House reservoir dam (checkpoint and water) where the 22 milers cross the dam whilst the 26 milers walk around the reservoir. Return over In Moor to Middlesmoor and re-enter Lofthouse. After calling at the checkpoint, continue on the east side of the valley to Bouthwaite and Wath as per the 4 mile route to the finish at Pateley Bridge.

    Please note dogs are not allowed on the Route.

  • Essential Information for Walkers and Runners

    All those taking part in the event must download the following documents.

    • Terms & Conditions - Please read so that you fully understand the terms & conditions in relation to the event.
    • Information - Provides essential information.
    • The Registration / Contact Form - Please complete and sign this form and bring it with you on the day of the Event.

  • Maps

    If you want to carry a map on the day, please print out your own copy. We do not provide them.


    The refreshment points (not shown on the maps) are:

    4 miles from start and from end at Bouthwaite (cold drinks)

    7.5 miles from start and from end at Lofthouse (hot and cold drinks)

    11 miles from start at Scar House dam (water)

    Finish at Pateley Bridge scout Hall (cold drinks)


    If you would like a copy of the Maps and a more detailed description of the routes,

    please click on the appropriate button.

    Then click on 'Open Source Maps' to see the route in more detail.

    These maps will open under a new tab.

  • Contact Us

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by completing the enquiry form below.

    Rotary Club of Harrogate
    Ascot House Hotel, Kings Road,
    Harrogate. HG1 5HJ
    Brian on 07808 094707
  • Social Media

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  • Raising Sponsorship

    Tips for Raising Sponsorship


    The whole rationale for the Nidderdale Walks is to provide a vehicle to enable enthusiastic walkers to raise sponsorship monies for their favourite charities. Whist we appreciate that fundraising is a challenge in itself, it can be fun and very rewarding if you plan it right. Before you start, think about...

    • How much can you raise?
    • Set yourself a realistic fundraising target.
    • Your sponsors will be impressed by your determination and more likely to reward your efforts.
    • Will your charity give you support?
    • Who will sponsor you?
    • Think about all the people you know and split them into groups. For example: Family – immediate and wider, their friends.
    • Friends – from school, university, clubs, other organisations, online social networks.
    • Work – current and former colleagues, customers, suppliers.
    • Community – pub, church, local shops.

    Then think about how likely all these people are to sponsor you, and how much they might donate – you’ll soon see if your sponsorship target is achievable.

    Why don’t you...use your friends as promoters to fundraise on your behalf?


    Fundraising Online

    Online fundraising is fast, easy, and safe. It lets you promote your challenge, contact all your supporters in one go, and raise funds securely. There are a number of online fundraising sites but perhaps the best known is www.justgiving.com



    Promoting your challenge is key to maximising your fundraising efforts. You need to decide who you want to tell, what you want to tell them, and how.

    Think about the use of social media – Facebook, Twitter etc. Keep people interested in what you’re doing. What you are planning. How training is going. Let them see that you’re working hard and towards a goal, and keep it fun and friendly.


    AND FINALLY ----- Good luck